Thrilled for Charlie Haden and Alan and Marilyn Bergman


Thrilled for Charlie Haden and Alan and Marilyn Bergman on their so well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award from the The Recording Academy / Grammy’s … We were honoured to see and hear Charlie Haden being recorded through one of our sage ELECTRONICSSE-BB1 bova ball microphones recently during the recording of Petra Haden’s ‘Petra Goes to the Movies‘ by Andy Snavley of Bendy Music / Inglewood


HILOTRONS and KELP Records release ‘At Least There’s Commotion’ !!!

Biggest warmest congratulations to HILOTRONS’ Mike Dubue and KELP Records’ Jon Bartlett on their release of the heavy little record entitled ‘At Least There’s Commotion’  Recorded, mixed, and mastered to analogue tape at bova sound; this project brought together musical guests including Jim Bryson, Lynn Miles, Geoffrey Pye, Mike Feuerstack, Jeremy Fisher and Sacha Gabriel. The album will be released on 180g vinyl, CD and digital February 5, 2013.

Whole Lotta Mastering Goin’ On !!

We have been keeping crazy busy mastering projects for Aidan Knight, Jeremy Fisher, Ornaments, The Flaps, Zeus, THORN, Shannon Ross, Plaster Babies, Poplar Pines, Halabisky’s Uprising, The Allens, Kolapore, Renée Yoxon, Wool on Wolves, Ferraro, The Gallop, Three Little Birds, Theaternia, We Have The Place Surrounded, Erin Saoirse Adair, Slo Tom and the Handsome Devils, Declan O’Donovan, Natalia and Montuno, and many more.

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