HILOTRONS and KELP Records release ‘At Least There’s Commotion’ !!!

Biggest warmest congratulations to HILOTRONS’ Mike Dubue and KELP Records’ Jon Bartlett on their release of the heavy little record entitled ‘At Least There’s Commotion’  Recorded, mixed, and mastered to analogue tape at bova sound; this project brought together musical guests including Jim Bryson, Lynn Miles, Geoffrey Pye, Mike Feuerstack, Jeremy Fisher and Sacha Gabriel. The album will be released on 180g vinyl, CD and digital February 5, 2013.

Whole Lotta Mastering Goin’ On !!

We have been keeping crazy busy mastering projects for Aidan Knight, Jeremy Fisher, Ornaments, The Flaps, Zeus, THORN, Shannon Ross, Plaster Babies, Poplar Pines, Halabisky’s Uprising, The Allens, Kolapore, Renée Yoxon, Wool on Wolves, Ferraro, The Gallop, Three Little Birds, Theaternia, We Have The Place Surrounded, Erin Saoirse Adair, Slo Tom and the Handsome Devils, Declan O’Donovan, Natalia and Montuno, and many more.

Mixing Socalled’s “The Seasons” soundtrack.

Beautifully recorded live at the Arcade Fire’s church studio. The Seasons features some of Montreal’s finest players and some of Socalled’s most ingenious scoring.

Rosie June’s debut CD

Tracked drums, mixed and mastered indy release for BC based singer / songwriter Rosie June. Masterfully produced by Ottawa’s Jonathan Evans.

Three bova sound projects were nominated for Juno Awards and two of them won!

Feist “Metals” CD

Feist “Look at What The Light Did Now” DVD

Socalled “Sleepover”

Measha Brueggergosman

Editing, mixing, mastering and vocal recording for Juno award winning and Grammy nominated vocalist Measha Brueggergosman’s “I’ve Got A Crush On You”

Feist – Metals

We’re very honoured to have worked on the mastering for this beautiful album, as well as the Beck remix of “How Come You Never Go There”

more gear more gear more gear

We’ve acquired lots of cool new toys for the bova sound gear arsenal. In addition to our classic analogue EMT plate and AKG spring reverbs, we’ve added a substantial rack of vintage early 80’s digital reverbs and delays. We also added some new AKG mics, Altec and Electrodyne EQ’s.

Golden Seals

Recorded, mixed and mastered the new Golden Seals release “Increase the Sweetness” on Zunior records. The record is filled with sharp hooks, harmonies, smart lyrics and melodies that will cement the reputation of Dave Merritt as one of Canada’s finest songwriters.

Abraham Inc.

We’re mixing the audio for a “Live in Paris” concert DVD of this awesome NYC based outfit featuring klezmer clarinet virtuoso David Krakauer, trombonist Fred Wesley (known for his work with James Brown, Bootsy Collins and Parliament Funkadelic), and beat architect SoCalled.


Finishing recording and mixing some new Hilotrons tracks.


Mixing the debut record by Montreal’s Canailles. These gals and guys play bluegrass, garage, hill country blues, cajun, folk with a ton of energy!


Mastered the new Zeus album “Busting Visions” for both Vinyl and CD through our new “Loud Mouth” mastering processor custom designed in house by sage ELECTRONICS) . This record (slated for a late March 2012 release on Arts and Crafts) will blow peoples’ minds.

Other recent projects include:

Aidan Knight, Zeus, Bahamas, Stars, HILTORONS, Feist, Socalled,  The Murder Plans, Abraham Inc, The Gallop, Lynne Hanson, Memphis, Jeremy Fisher, Ferraro, Lindsay Ferguson, Poplar Pines, Erin Saoirse Adair, The Flaps, Measha Brueggergosman, Kolapore, The Allens, Jennifer Swartz, Wool on Wolves, Golden Dogs, Jason Collett, Geyser, Phantom Shores, Rosie June, Jane’s Party, Craig Pedersen Quartet, Steel Moon, Shannon Ross, Yellow Jacket Avengers, wooden sticks wooden sticks, Brian Asselin / Delbert Nelson, Ornaments, Land of Talk,  Bell Orchestre, Livy Conner, Danielle Duval, Shannon Rose & the Thorns, Silver Creek, Tell Mama, Sarah Hallman, Matt Ouimet, Canailles, John Allaire, Renée Yoxon, Golden Seals, Yukon Blonde, Halabisky’s Uprising  …