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  1. Hello Looking to Book Some studio time with Phil.

    Please get back to me 343-540-7007



  2. Hi there,

    We’re looking to do some simple but good quality voice over recording for a video.

    All we need is 1 – 1.5 hours of studio time, a really good mic (i.e. not an SM 58, more like a Sennheiser 441 or a Neumann), and an engineer who get us great voice sound (controlling pops, sibilant s’s, etc.) and who can give us the recording in digital format to take with us (most likely uncompressed .wav at a very high sample rate like 44 K).

    We don’t need editing or background music mixing; we plan to take care of this ourselves.

    How much would this cost? Also, what’s your schedule like (could you fit us in Thurs April 30 or Fri May 1)?

    Thank you,

  3. Hello,

    My name’s Ben Globerman, local musician. A friend of Caleb James Abbott’s (Theaternia), of whom spoke highly of his time recording. I’m looking to do two separate recording sessions, vocals only, of about 20 minutes of material each.

    I was wondering if, firstly, this is something you do, shorter sessions, and second, would it then be possible to ‘play’ with the recordings for tape. I would be looking mainly to have multiple copies, at multiple speeds, and if possible, a copy or two with different reverbs.

    Would this be something that is possible? What would rates be?

    Here are links to my music. The project itself is concerned with creating a sound installation representing the musical traditions of Monotheism, including Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic.

    Thank you!

    Ben Globerman

  4. Hi

    Your recording studio was recommended to us by Steve Neilson and Jamie Nordstradt from the band Nick Danger and the Social Icons. 

    I wanted to contact you, as we are doing an independent short film based off a song written by Jack Noble titled “Jamie’s Paper Train” which is about a boy, Jamie, who lives with severe autism and he creates beautiful paper trains.  The animated production is in it’s early stages as we are working on the designs and a rough cut and will be used to bring awareness to Autism.  We were also in the process of exploring the possibility of having a well known performer sing the song for the short film but after giving it some thought we want to stay with Jack Noble singing it as he has the connection and the heart felt emotion to the piece and we feel that will come out in his performance and will help carry the film along.  

    We wanted to reach out to you as we have heard great things about you and your team.  I don’t think Jack has been into a recording studio before so this process will be new to all of us.  We (PIP) are an animation studio based in Ottawa which mainly does television series and feature film work so we know the video side and the voice recording side but when it comes to music this is all new to us. So I was wondering if you could pass along some information to us with your rates and availability in April.  Not sure how it all works but I would think we can lay down the guitar and vocals over a few days?  The song consists mainly of vocals and guitar but with that being said, during the record people may feel we need to add bass or a little drumming into it.  You never know.

    Just wanted to reach out to you to get some information and we look forward to hearing from you and maybe working together down the road.  
    If you need more information just let me know.

    Please visit our website www.pipanimation.com to learn more about PIP, our projects, and our team.   


  5. I am looking to get a quote for mastering. My band will be completing a 10 song CD in the next month or 2 and I want to get a price for the cost of mastering a 10 song CD.


  6. nice to see tape still being used i have put down a cute little sound track for a short cartoon called rat boy it is in wave form and maybe you could clean it up for me i was talking to janet to day at the general this is how i found you

  7. Good day, I have composed a “rap type” song entitled “Support Our Daughters” (copyrighted) which we would like to record with an appropriate rap/hip hop backing track (needed), with a (preferably) female rap singer to post on Youttube in support of the #Metoo movement. Can you help us with support and estimated cost of studio time etc. Thanks, IcePictBlue, at bwdintl@hotmail.com

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